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N_DREW (Andrew Bucksbarg) is an artist, video-maker, audio-visual performer and educator.  N_DREW creates audio-visual installations, performances and interactive works, exploring organic and abstract forms, live A/V processes and sociality.  He is currently investigating recycled materials, such as wood and plastics, creating hand-held, portable and electronic-sonic noizical instruments/synths for performance installation and workshops, as well as noizic art videos.

N_DREW's work appears in museums, galleries and festivals internationally, including installations or performances in the Little William Theater | Festival of New Music, Produced by Machine Project at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles; The St. Louis Art Museum; The Science Gallery, Dublin; Piksel Festival in Bergen, Norway; The Santa Monica Museum; SoundWalk in Long Beach; Come Out & Play Festival in New York; The Sonorities Festival in Belfast; and the Signal To Noise Festival in Vancouver, Canada among others.

N_DREW recently collaboration on a book chapter, Improvising Artists, Embodied Technology and Emergent Techniques for Identity, Performance and Technology: Practices of Empowerment, Embodiment and Technicity. N_DREW concerns himself with technologies and social systems that support tactics of autonomous social creativity and exchange and long-term sustainable life practices. 

N_DREW completed undergraduate training in the music school at Indiana University and received an MFA in New Media and Integrated Media from California Institute of the Arts in 1999.  He worked in new media production in Los Angeles, as well as taught sound design and new media production courses both in Southern California and at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.  N_DREW has also taught sound design at Dubspot, New York’s electronic music production school.  Recent workshops include creating portable analog mini-synths.

He is currently raising funds and planning a mobile, micro live/work studio concurrent to the tiny house movement and thinking about freedom, consciousness and the post human.


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